Feuillets imprimés qui s'envolent
Feuillets imprimés qui s'envolent

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Extraordinary history of ephemeral prints

Salle d'exposition de l'UNIGE, Genève

An exhibition at Uni Carl Vogt reveals the role of 16th-century ephemeral prints in today's press and comics

If books are the tip of the huge iceberg that is the production of printed texts, the ephemeral prints of a few pages, sold at low cost to the greatest number, are rather in the hidden part. The richness of their contents, made up as much of marvelous truths as of plausible fictions, still amazes. The exhibition traces the history of the production, sale, reading and conservation of these prints, often illustrated, intended for all levels of the population, including the illiterate public. Through a selection of copies from the 16th to the 21st century, it reveals the role they played in the construction of our imagination and in the prefiguration of the press and the comic strip.


Bis  29.7.2022   07:30 - 19:00 Uhr





Salle d'exposition de l'UNIGE
Boulevard Carl-Vogt 66
1200 Genève


Université de Genève


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