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The Miracle of Tradition

Ausstellungssaal am Klosterhof , St. Gallen

The St.Gallen Monastery Plan and Europe in the Early Middle Ages – Exhibition Hall at the Abbey Courtyard

The exhibition «The Miracle of Tradition – The St.Gallen Monastery Plan and Europe in the Early Middle Ages» deals with the unique density of early medieval documents in St.Gallen. The focus is on the legal documents preserved in the St.Gallen Monastery Archives, including two fraternization books and the only surviving Carolingian book of profession. Temporary exhibitions with thematically selected documents provide insights into the life worlds of the early Middle Ages.
The main attraction in a separate room is the famous St.Gallen monastery plan of the Abbey Library. It is regarded as the most important architectural drawing of the Middle Ages. After an introductory multivision, it can be viewed in its original form for a few seconds. For conservation reasons, the valuable document must be protected from excessive exposure to light.




Ausstellungssaal am Klosterhof
9000 St. Gallen


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