Corona-Events (Adrian Scherzinger)
Corona-Events (Adrian Scherzinger)
Murten Light Festival (©Rolf Neeser)
Murten Light Festival (©Rolf Neeser)
Ostara (Carim Jost)
Ostara (Carim Jost)

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Murten Light Festival

Murten Tourismus, Murten

During 12 days the old town of Murten is going to turn into a lighting show of superlatives. The artistic productions on buildings, in the streets and on the towers of the town will immerse the visitors into a mysterious and magic world.

The visitors can discover thanks to a promenade through the streets of Murten animations combining sounds and lights.
A projection done on the wall of the primary school, located in front of the Berntor, will engrave the main animation as well as a music and light spectacle in the german church. Regional artists will present on several arteplages their animations and light messages.
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Old town of Murten and surrondings

CHF 5.00 per adult
CHF 15.00 for the festival pass


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Murten Tourismus
Französische Kirchgasse 6
3280 Murten


Murten Tourismus
Französische Kirchgasse 6
3280 Murten
+41 26 670 51 12


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