further possibilities with our tools - for your success.

In addition to our Microsite and the guidle interface import/export, there are also these options and tools, that can help lead your websites and media outlets to success.

  • Multi Channel CMS
  • Your Contacts
  • Your Network
Multi Channel CMS

We bring your content on to all of your channels. Automated, without redundancies, effortless. Multi-channel distribution and Cross Media is implemented automatically with the guidle content tools. The connection of all of your distribution channels is solved with only one databank.

Profit from the strong qualities of our interface:

  • Export your content through various channels
  • Mark and assign ads to specific channels
  • Bring together ads from multiple Smazats
  • Multidimensional filter and sorting options
  • Report Writer to create reports
  • Support for customer specific categorisation systems
  • Online Configurator
  • Quick implementation of customer specific interfaces
Content tools Extra - Multi channel CMS
Your Contacts

Maintain your contacts only one time - in the central contact management of guidle. They will be available to you automatically and always up-to-date in all of your applications.

Content tools Extra - Your Contacts
Your Network

Associations, clubs, interest groups etc. can create their own network in the main network. This way, for example, a culture association can establish an events calendar, on which only ads by members are displayed. Or a business association can publish a service offer of its members.

  • Consolidate customly chosen Smazats to one network
  • Definition of an Account manager as supervisor
  • Creation form on your own homepage
  • Review of created ads by guidle
  • Various Microsites for the publication of ads
  • Various exports for the electronic reference of ads
  • Support & Helpdesk via email and telephone
Content tools Extra - Your Network
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