Collégiale Stimier
Collégiale Stimier

Sacred building / church

Collegiate Church

Collégiale St. Imier, St-Imier

Church 11th
Great basilica going back to the end of the period of the imperial dynasty of the Ottons. While looking at the low-sides, the inside, but most of all the outside, two periods of construction can be distinguished. From 1927 to 1930, Louis Bueche restored the whole building, trying to give it back its original shape. From 1982 on, new works of restoration and excavations.


Collégiale St. Imier
Rue du Temple 1
2610 St-Imier


Collégiale de Saint-Imier
Rue du Temple 1
2610 St-Imier
+41 (0)32 941 37 58


  • Sacred building / church

Target groups

  • Open to all

Time and visit planning

  • Also recommended in wet weather


  • Distance to the (main) train station: 700 m
  • Public parking within a short walking distance (without fees)