Don't give scheduling conflicts in your community, region or organization a chance anymore. With the planning calendar, event organizers can enter their dates early and view each other's dates without already publishing them. This ensures an all-round coordinated programme and better communication between the event organisers in your region.

Planning Calendar

You find that:

  • Events in your community, city or region sometimes take place on the same date and thus compete with each other
  • organizers do not sufficiently coordinate with each other and there is too little transparency
  • Events are less successful due to conflicting dates and the population is annoyed by parallel dates.

Our solution:

By using the planning calendar, you reduce the risk of date clashes to a minimum. All event organizers defined by you open a free Smazat at guidle. There they can enter and edit planned events of their own as well as view events of third parties. Once the planning is complete, the advertisement can be published with just one click and distributed to the relevant media.

Your advantages:

  • Draft mode: Advertisements can be entered as a draft for the time being, so that nothing is published to the outside world yet.
  • Viewing: Authorized persons can view the ads of other organizers (including drafts) with their own guidle login.
  • Communication: By means of direct contact, organizers can easily and quickly make appointmentsReminder
  • : Organizers are reminded by e-mail from guidle that they still have ads in draft status
  • .
Setup (one-time) CHF 1'200
Operation, support and maintenance (annual) CHF 1'200

exclusive VAT

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