Interface Export:
Obtain content via an Interface

Obtain content from guidle via an interface, to realise your completely custom solution. And the best: 1 interface for all rubrics!

  • Guidle Interface Export
  • Web to Print
  • Web to Screen
Export interface Guidle
guidle Interface Export

The Guidle interface "Export" offers you the opportunity to obtain content in the form of datasets, and to work with them according to your own desire. Response times are so fast, that it's possible to realise infrastructure without intermediate saving in a databank.


  • Formats: JSON, XML
  • Real-time data relating by means of URL
  • Multidimensional filters, dynamically adjustable
  • Multilevelled grouping/sorting
  • Mapping the guidle categories to the customer's categories (optional)
Setup, operation and maintenance incl. in the Account
Account starter, professional or manager required see conditions

exclusive VAT

Export interface Web to Print
Web to Print

Distribute your content to your own or foreign print products. With a custom XML-Interface you can distribute Ready-to-Print data (e.g. InDesign) to publishers.


  • Multidimensional filters, dynamically adjustable
  • Exact delivery of required data
  • Putting together diverse information into one string according to the given regulatory framework
  • Summation of specified dates according to guidelines
  • Support of custom editorial fields
  • ready to print
Web to Print On request
Export interface Web to Screen
Web to Screen

Distribute your content to your own or foreign screens (e.g. Info and Touchscreens). With a custom XML-Interface you can bring Ready-to-Print data (e.g. InDesign) via XML or JSON digital to the screen.


  • Multidimensional filter, dynamically adjustable
  • Dynamic ads from the on-screen available categories
  • Select custom ads (with Account professional or Account manager)
With systems by our partner
ipeak Infosystems GmbH
Zero costs
With systems by other providers On request
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