Interface Import:
Distribute content via an interface

Expand your CMS into an encompassing distribution system: No redundant creations and more success.

Import interface
guidle Interface Import

In case you already have the ads that you want to publish saved in a databank or if you have a CMS available, you can transfer them to guidle via an electronic interface. You save yourself the trouble of a redundant creation and you're not only up-to-date on your own website, but also in various other diverse media..


  • Standard XML Interface
  • Optional: iCAL Interface or a customer specific interface.
  • Mapping your categorisation to guidle Categorisation through guidle
  • Imports daily or multiple times throughout the day
  • Thorough import log
Setup (one time) CHF 1'200
Operation and maintenance (annually) CHF 1'200

Excl. VAT

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