Craftsmanship and mouthwork - 1

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Craftsmanship and mouthwork

Station Ritz, Niederwald

Photographic exhibition SMArt with SUNDERIYA ERDENESAIKHAN from Mongolia

Mongolian photographer Sunderiya Erdenesaikhan set off in search of traditional foods in Upper Valais as part of her three-month artist residency in Bellwald. She not only met people who still know how our ancestors made cheese, butter and rye bread, but also visited businesses that produce these traditional Valais foods today using modern machines. Her pictures take us from the craft to the mouth, which, as we know, is not just for eating, but also for passing on experience and knowledge.

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To  15/9/2024   08:00 - 18:00 h


Station Ritz
Furkastrasse 20
3989 Niederwald



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